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Blooming Collection

Live Simply, Bloom Wildly.

Inquisitive Works of Art

Joanna's passion for slow and meticulous production methods shines through in her fine jewellery micro-sculptures. She prides herself on using only ethically sourced materials and using entirely handmade techniques. This attention to detail ensures that her pieces are not only beautiful, but also sustainable and unique.


Inspired by the extraordinary little creatures of our planet


Floral Celebration

Like real flowers, all flowers in this collection are unique.


Bespoke Jewelry

Handmade pieces, carefully crafted, that you'll love for a lifetime.



Nature is unique



Wearable Microsculptures

Joanna's jewellery creations are sculptural pieces of imaginative craftsmanship, paying tribute to the world's vast treasures. Her designs transport us to a realm of serendipitous wonder that resonates deeply within us. Each piece captures a sense of intimacy, enchantment, and humour, blended with a feminine aesthetic. The ethereal quality of her work leaves us in awe, inviting us on a journey of discovery that speaks to our spirits. Joanna's jewellery is truly a celebration of life's precious moments, and an ode to the beautifully mysterious world we inhabit.

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Hermes Necklace

Hand-Cast 18k gold & Ruby

discover Ancients

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