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Joanna Peters is a jewellery designer who approaches her craft as if she were sculpting. Her pieces are inspired by the treasures found in our world, and they evoke a feeling of serendipitous discovery. She incorporates a touch of humor, enchantment, and intimacy into her creations, all with a feminine aesthetic that contrasts the masculine techniques and skills required to make them.

Every new piece of jewellery is designed and created by Joanna herself, with a small team of craftsmen who help with the handcrafting process. She often creates natural textures to maintain an organic and natural feel to her work, bringing it to life and celebrating the individuality, fragility, and wonder of our natural cosmos.

Joanna's approach is to involve only what is necessary for each creation, forging an object that has character, imperfections, and a light of its own, instead of a typical piece of jewellery that is often ostentatious and boastful. Inspiration for her designs comes from her Greek heritage and the world of Ancient Greek jewellery. Her work showcases her close relationship with nature, its familiarity, the romance of daily life, and of a bygone era.

Overall, Joanna Peters' jewellery is a beautiful ode to the treasures that surround us, with each piece created to be unique and meaningful to the wearer, while showcasing the beauty and wonder of our natural world.

My fascination lies in the enigmatic nature of earth and its intricacies. The charm of imperfection, the transience of life, and the fragility of our environment captivate me. I relish the opportunity to bask in the wonder of my surroundings. My formative years in Galaxidi, a picturesque village in Greece, were spent by the sea, and have left an indelible impression on me.


Following her graduation from The Surrey Institute of Art and Design,  it felt only  natural to  follow a path related to her first love, drawing. On deciding to pursue her allurement to jewellery, she merged  into her existence her fondness of storytelling with sculpture.

Her work is displayed at Eleni Marneri Gallery, Benaki Museum and the Ileana Makri Store in Athens.

Her work is has been published in:

500 Gemstone Jewels | Lark Publishing, 2010

1000 Beads | Lark Publishing, 2014

Cast: Art & Objects made using humanity's most transformational process | Schiffer Publishing, 2017

"The enduring nature of heirlooms defies the ephemeral nature of existence, making them perfect symbols of love and devotion."

- Joanna Peters

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